OphthaTOP basic - optional Modules
  • 3D-Elevation module: The measured cornea is visualized as a three dimensional model. This model can be moved in real-time and the appearance can be variously customized.
  • Contact lens fitting module: Software module giving support in fitting contact lenses.
  • CustomIOL module: Based on the OphthaRAY technology this software module permits the calculation of intraocular lenses with real ray tracing. This calculation method is advantageous compared to current approximating calculation formulae, mainly because the calculation is based on the complete corneal topography and not only on K-readings. This leads to improved results, especially regarding eyes that differ from normal eyes, e.g. after corneal refractive surgery. Moreover, this method enables the calculation of customized toric and aspherical intraocular lens geometry that fits ideally to a patient’s cornea.